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Shoulder pain has a lifetime prevalence of 70% with increasing risk as we age. 40-50% of individuals will report ongoing symptoms for up to 1-3 years. The majority of shoulder problems involve the rotator cuff and Bursa. This includes Impingement syndrome, tendinosis, bursitis, and partial to full-thickness tearing (Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder Pain). The most beneficial conservative treatment for these conditions is Exercise. There are many kinds of exercise programs and at OMPT, we can prescribe the right one for you. Everyone is different and it may take time to see a difference. On average a good exercise program takes about 12 weeks and this should be continued after being discharged from Therapy. Research has shown that a graduated exercise program for Rotator Cuff Related Shoulder can be as effective for surgery.

Overhead Athlete Rehabilitation

The skilled team at OMPT has decades of experience in evaluating and treating the overhead athlete. There is a delicate balance in the overhead athlete between the necessary flexibility, strength, and stabilization for proper shoulder and elbow mechanics to occur. When this balance is lost or compromised, micro-traumatic stresses occur and often lead to injury. The Physical Therapists at OMPT will evaluate and assess to accurately diagnose your condition and then create an individualized treatment program focusing on sport-specific mobility, strength, stability, and enhancing proprioception and neuromuscular control. Our goal is not only to successfully rehabilitate your current injury, but also prevent future injury with patient education and advanced home exercise programs. Whether you are throwing, pitching, swimming, spiking, serving, shooting, or golfing, we can get you back in the game.


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